Hi there! My name is Janne Seppänen. I'm a freelance media composer from Finland, and Skyhammer Sound is the framework I have built around my passion for music.

I've been writing music for most of my life. When I picked up my first instrument, all I wanted to do is to create some unique sounds with that guitar. Fast forward to teenage dreams of bands and world dominance, I wanted to write the most ambitious songs for us to play. And then we arrive to this day, where every time I sit down at my piano and lay my hands on the keyboard, I still get the thrilling sensation in my bones. Where will it lead me this time?

I formed the progressive metal band Constantine in 2006 with like-minded fellows, and we stormed the Finnish metal scene with smaller releases until our debut album Divine Design (2011) awarded us as the "Newcomer of the Year" in Finnish Metal Awards. But I had slowly come to the realization that being in a touring band was not for me, and thus I left that world behind and kickstarted my career as a freelance media composer, a path I've enjoyed ever since.

Since then I've had the privilege to work in several fascinating projects that range from original video game soundtracks to creating orchestrations for commercial albums. I've worked with different publishers and composed music that has been placed in murder mysteries, sports highlights, teenage drama along many others.

I have composed music for many different media, but writing music for video games is my true passion. Bringing the virtual world alive with music for the first time was a feeling I will never forget. That's when I knew - this is what I want to do.

If you are interested in working with me on your project, please don't hesitate to reach out by email using the contact page or via social media.

Video Game Soundtracks
Commercial Albums

Constantine - A Future Without a Past (2010) | Music, lyrics, orchestration 

Constantine - A Play of Minds (2008) | Music & lyrics

Constantine - Divida et Impera (2008) | Music & lyrics

Constantine - Time of Chaos (2007) | Music & lyrics

Constantine - Master of Disaster (2007) | Music & lyrics

Production Music

It's virtually impossible to know all the placements, but as a non-exhaustive list of TV shows my music has been placed in Pawn Stars, Black Ink Crew, Unexpected, Heritage Hunters, Catfish, Fatal Attraction, The Murder Tapes, Bad Blood, NHL Hockey, NASCAR America, Inside College Football, MLB Baseball, ATL Homicide, Tanked...