Hi there! My name is Janne Seppänen. I'm a freelance media composer from Finland, and Skyhammer Sound is the framework I have built around my passion for music.

I've been writing music for most of my life, over 20 years and counting. I've had the privilege  to work with great musicians and in several fascinating projects that range from original video game soundtracks to short films and music and orchestrations on commercial albums. I've worked with different publishers and composed music that has been placed in murder mysteries, sports highlights, teenage drama along many others.

In addition to experience, I have two university degrees that have given me a solid foundation in a broad range of topics concerning game development and working in music - one from software engineering, the other from music and media management.

I value integrity, dependability and honesty above everything else, and those are the traits I will bring to every project I work on. I have built a deep knowledge in music composition, orchestration and music production to be able to deliver the quality that I can be proud and confident of. 

If you are interested in working with me on your project, don't hesitate to reach out by email using the contact page or via social media.

Client recommendation:

Contacted Janne to make music for my indie game project, and it was a very smooth and pleasant experience. Most importantly, the music he crafted for my game is exactly what I was looking for, and I'm looking forward to contacting him again when I need more music made. 100% recommended.
- Roth Skyfire
Video Game Soundtracks

Upcoming JRPG (2024)

Upcoming SRPG (2024)

Commercial Albums

Constantine - A Future Without a Past (2010) | Music, lyrics, orchestration 

Constantine - A Play of Minds (2008) | Music & lyrics

Constantine - Divida et Impera (2008) | Music & lyrics

Constantine - Time of Chaos (2007) | Music & lyrics

Constantine - Master of Disaster (2007) | Music & lyrics