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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


I am a Finnish freelance media composer with emotional, atmospheric music as my forte.I wrote my first song a bit over 15 years ago, and have been going deeper and deeper into that rabbit hole ever since. I've also picked up audio engineering and music production over the years and built a professional home studio, so I basically lead a one-man one-stop-music-shop.

I could be described as a multi-instrumentalist, but I consider myself a composer-first musician, meaning that I get my kicks out of creating something new instead of playing an instrument. I started out with drums, moved to guitars and have picked up piano and keyboards along the way. I've studied composition and orchestration along with music theory, and I seek to improve myself by studying ever more.

While I love writing emotional music for all media, video games are something that I hold very close to my heart. I've been a passionate gamer well over 25 years and have seen the game industry evolve from the C64-era to the modern day, experiencing some of the greatest stories and games along the years. I could say I have a rather good overview of the game industry and insight on what makes a good game.

Video game music has also been one of my lifelong passions. From the outstanding tunes from The Last Ninja II to the majestic score for Halo, along with the brilliance of The Elder Scrolls or more recently Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the soundtracks hold some of my fondest memories in music. Becoming a video game music composer was a dream of mine when I grew up, and I'm enthralled that it has become reality now.

I live in Lahti, which is located an hour north of Helsinki. I lead a quiet life, enjoy experiencing great stories regardless of the medium and love my family more than anything.

Previous custom work:

Land Crashers (iOS - 2018 | Link to a trailer video)

Witch Thief (Nintendo Switch 2019, PC 2018 | Link to a trailer video)

Gone to Mexico - short film (2018 | Link to a trailer video)

TV Channels that have used my production music:




Discovery ID

TV One

NBC Sports

CBS Sports

History Channel




TV Shows that have used my production music:

Pawn Stars

Black Ink Crew


Heritage Hunters

Catfish: The TV Show

Fatal Attraction

The Murder Tapes

Bad Blood

NHL Hockey

NASCAR America

Inside College Football